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Traffic and Pavement Data Collection Nears Completion for Road Study

Posted: Sep 13, 2019

UGPTI staff members traveled more than 15,000 miles crisscrossing the state to collect data on traffic and pavement condition data on county roads. Students and staff from UGPTI canvassed the eastern third of the state while a consultant gathered data in the western part of the state. NDDOT is assisting with the central part of the state as part of its scheduled traffic counts. Traffic counts will be used to assess traffic volumes and flows across the state and in models to predict future road use.

Researchers used cell phone-based apps to gather pavement roughness data and take corresponding photos of all paved county roads across the entire state. The information will be used to evaluate the current condition of county roads and provide data for the Geographic Roadway Inventory Tool (GRIT) to help local road leaders make decisions on road maintenance and improvements.

Overall, the information will be used as a basis for developing predictions of road and bridge investment needs as directed by the North Dakota Legislature.

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