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Bauman Is Certified to Instruct Alive at 25 Defensive Driving Course

Posted: May 11, 2018

NeTia Bauman, Tribal Program Outreach Coordinator recently became a nationally-certified instructor for the North Dakota Safety Council's (NDSC) Alive at 25 defensive driving course. AA25 is a highly interactive 4.5-hour program targeted toward drivers under the age of 25 and helps young drivers take greater responsibility for their driving. This course incorporates Reality Therapy and Choice Theory techniques to help participants identify the five basic needs that drive human behavior. Whereas driver education teaches the mechanics of the car and road handling and state law, AA25 focuses on behavior, judgment, decision making, and consequences, and provides tools for making positive choices. All students completing the course may qualify for an insurance discount and a point reduction.

UGPTI partnered with the NDSC to certify Bauman so that UGPTI is the first nationally-certified premiere training center in North Dakota to exclusively service tribal communities. Training services will be offered on a year-round basis as new drivers are licensed.

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