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UGPTI & NDDOT Collaborate on Funding Symposium

Posted: Apr 17, 2018

Photo courtesy of NDDOTThe 2018 North Dakota Symposium on Transportation Funding was held March 14 in Bismarck and facilitated by staff from the UGPTI. The effort was initiated by the NDDOT to start a conversation on transportation funding today and into the future. For the three months before the symposium, NDDOT and UGPTI identified national , regional, and local topics that would provide insights to the attendees. More than 100 individuals from congressional offices, the ND Legislature, FHWA, state agencies, transit providers, various associations, metropolitan planning organizations, consultants, contractors, and suppliers attended.

Al Dybing provided an overview of North Dakota Local transportation revenue sources by jurisdiction. Dybing also provided an overview of transportation funding options for North Dakota.

Tim Horner and Jeremy Mattson outlined North Dakota infrastructure needs by jurisdiction with Horner focusing on roads and bridges and Mattson discussing transit needs.

A full agenda and copies of presentations and background information are available on the NDDOT website. UGPTI is developing a final report and summary from the symposium which will be published soon.

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