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Tolliver and Bridgelall Provide Project Progress Report to UMS

Posted: Feb 22, 2018

UGPTI director Denver Tolliver and UGPTI researcher Raj Bridgelall delivered a progress report Feb. 18 on the institute's ITS research for the University of Modern Sciences (UMS) in Dubai.

Tolliver hosted the seminar in Dubai while Bridgelall delivered the talk via a video meeting using the ZOOM conferencing system. The audience consisted mostly of professors from UMS with an interest in collaborating with UGPTI on Phase II of the research.

The UMS Vice President for Academic Affairs & Research, Mohammed Ahmed Saeed, introduced the webinar to the audience.

This research in ITS examines key aspects of the emerging technologies and explores their potential impacts in addressing the major problems in transportation. The researchers developed a research framework to guide more detailed study of the impacts from various solutions that each technology enables.

The research framework:

  • Maps the functionality that each technology enables to specific intelligent transportation solutions that addresses the major transportation problems.
  • Maps enabled functionalities to implications in space- or land-use planning, infrastructure or equipment design needs, and policy needs that are specific to a region.

Seminar attendees learned the key aspects of vehicle connectivity and the solutions they enable such as collision avoidance, real-time navigation, truck platooning, active traffic management, pre-clearance, and smart parking. The seminar also covered key aspects of vehicle automation and expected timing of their deployments.

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