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UGPTI Invited to Workshop in Beijing

Posted: Sep 26, 2017

Staff from NDSU including UGPTI attended the "First University of Science and Technology Beijing-NDSU Research and Education Workshop" in Beijing last week. The purpose of the event was to conduct a joint research exchange workshop and begin exploring the potential for collaboration on future research and education opportunities between the T&L Department, UGPTI, and USTB that may involve grant applications in both China and the USA. The trip was by invitation, and it was funded by USTB. Dr. Pan Lu organized the trip.

The NDSU team included Dr. Denver Tolliver, Dr. Joe Szmerekovsky, Dr. Pan Lu, Dr. Raj Bridgelall, and Dr. Ying Huang (Civil Engineering). Host for the event was Dr. Danguang Pan from USTB's Department of Civil Engineering. Many other USTB engineering departments (including Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Geotechnical Engineering) sent delegates and their students to present at the workshop.

Tolliver also participated in the Fourth Annual Global Congress of Knowledge Economy 2017 in Qingdau, China. The theme of the event was: Accelerating Metropolis into a Global Smart City. Tolliver presented "Comparing Railroad, Barge, and Truck Fuel Efficiencies in the Transportation of Heavy Freight."

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