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Research Papers Published

Posted: Jul 25, 2017

"Impacts of Mobility Management and Human Service Transportation Coordination Efforts and End-User Quality of Life" was published in the spring edition of the Journal of the Transportation Research Forum. Authors were Jeremy Mattson, Jim Miller and Jill Hough as well as Jay Goodwill, senior research associate at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida, and P.S. Sriraj, director of the Metropolitan Transportation Support Initiative at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The study developed an evaluation method to examine the effectiveness of mobility management and coordination programs in a community. Results from a series of surveys of both transit users and stakeholders in communities across the country suggest improvements have occurred in efficiencies, ease of access, and quality of service. Most respondents to the stakeholder survey reported benefits that have been realized. Results from an ordered probit model demonstrate the positive impacts that improved mobility has on life satisfaction.

"Bike Share in Fargo, North Dakota: Keys to Success and Factors Affecting Ridership" will appear in the October edition of Sustainable Cities and Society. Authors are Jeremy Mattson and Ranjit Godavarthy.

This study examines the ridership data for Great Rides Bike Share during its first two years of operations, investigates it keys to success, and estimates impacts of weather, temporal, and spatial variables on bike share use. In terms of trips per bike per day, bike share usage in Fargo surpasses that of the largest programs in the country. Keys to its success were the presence of a college campus and the reduced barriers to use for college students. The ridership model showed that temperatures, wind, precipitation, and the location of stations on a college campus all have significant impacts on bikes share use.

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