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Army Logistics Expert, NDSU Grad Lectures on Emergency Supply Chains

Posted: May 10, 2017

Colonel Matt Shatzkin, a U.S. Army logistics expert and graduate of NDSU's Transportation and Logistics Ph.D. program presented a lecture on emergency supply chains Monday, May 8.

His presentation, "Understanding the Complexity of Emergency Supply Chains," defined a framework for emergency supply chains and briefly described their inherent sources of complexity. Additionally, Shatzkin offered a model for evaluating supply chains that are defined by effectiveness, such as military and disaster relief. Finally, he offered a few lessons learned from along the way and addressed any questions. A book by the same name and authored by Shatzkin will be published in hard copy and electronic versions later this summer by Business Expert Press.

Shatzkin has been an Army logistics practitioner for 26 years, achieving the rank of colonel and earning his Ph.D. in transportation and logistics from North Dakota State University. He has planned and executed supply chains in support of three no-notice contingencies: Operation Iraqi Freedom 1.5 in 2003, Joint Task Force Katrina in 2005, and Operation Unified Response in 2010. He has published several articles for Military Review and Army Sustainment Magazine, along with videos and commentary on his Warrior Logistician Facebook page, and has taught classes on supply chain management at the U.S. Army War College.

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