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Two New Graduate Courses Offered in Transportation

Posted: Dec 18, 2015

North Dakota State University will offer two new graduate courses in Transportation this spring. They are "Advanced Public Transportation" and "Academic Conduct, Leadership and Ethics in Transportation."

TL 787 Public Transportation II is a three-credit course focusing on concepts and modeling procedures used when planning and operating public transportation systems. Topics will include transit demand analysis, quality of service concepts and estimation, bus and rail capacity, and service planning. TL 786 Public Transportation I is a prerequisite for the course, but allowances can be made for those with a background in public transportation who have not taken TL 786. Instructors for the course will be faculty members Dr. Jill Hough and Dr. Ranjit Godavarthy.

TL 789 Academic Conduct, Leadership, and Ethics in Transportation is a three-credit course focusing on theories, concepts and practices in students' academic programs that may also be applied to their careers. Students will be exposed to irrefutable laws of leadership as well as principles for being a person of influence. They will learn theories of ethics and business ethics focusing on transportation. They will learn how to identify ethical dilemmas and tools to assist in decision making. One outcome of the course is for students to develop and write their own personal code of conduct to apply in school and in their careers. Instructor for the course is faculty member Dr. Jill Hough.

For more information on the courses, contact Jody Bohn Baldock, Academic Program Coordinator for the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, at (701) 231-7767 or jody.bohn.baldock@ndsu.edu.

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