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NDSU to Offer Transportation Leadership Graduate Courses

Posted: Aug 15, 2014

NDSU is among the institutions offering online courses this fall for a post-baccalaureate certificate program sponsored by the Regional University Transportation Center.

Universities offering courses for the fall semester include NDSU, Kansas State University, Texas A&M University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The award-winning, nationally recognized program allows students to take transportation courses online through the Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate program. By enrolling in online graduate level courses for transportation professionals, the program prepares future leaders of the transportation industry.

The online course format provides a flexible and convenient education opportunity for professionals to advance in their careers. Some of the most prominent courses offered for the fall semester are High-Speed Rail Construction Management, Logistics Systems, Transportation and the Environment, Sustainable Transportation Asset Management and Urban Transportation System Analysis.

Visit www.transleader.org for any additional information on the program and to register.

Through the collaborative efforts of 60 university transportation centers and transportation industry professionals, the program offers high-quality instruction from transportation experts across the country.

Contact Jody Wendt, program coordinator, at 701-231-5989 or ndsu.tlgc@ndsu.edu for more information.

NDSU is recognized as one of the nation's top 108 public and private universities by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education.

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