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Transportation Student Earns Best Paper Award for Airline Research

Posted: May 16, 2014

Ju Dong Park, a NDSU transportation and logistics Ph.D. student, recently was awarded the Best Paper Award from the Transportation Research Forum at its 55th Annual Forum.

Park's paper, "The Magnitudes of Economic and Non-Economic Factors in Demand for U.S. Domestic Air Passengers," analyzed air carriers' behavior in capturing market share by examining demand for air-passenger services, and price structure and economic factors affecting passenger behaviors toward air travel. The study also examined other non-economic factors such as seasonality, unexpected events, or airline mergers affecting passenger behaviors. Co-author of the paper was Dr. Won W. Koo, Chamber of Commerce distinguished professor in the NDSU Department of Agribusiness & Applied Economics.

The Annual Forum was held in San Jose, CA, March 13-15.

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