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Project Update: Assessment of ND County and Local Road Needs - View More Info


  • Posted: Nov 26
    At the request of the 2013 Legislature, the UGPTI conducted a study of the state’s infrastructure needs for the next 20 years. The study, “Infrastructure Needs: North Dakota’s County, Township and tribal Roads and Bridges, 2015-2034,” is now complete and the final report is available. Total investment needs for the 20-year period is estimated to be about $9.09 billion.
  • Posted: Nov 26
    The November & December 2014 issue of the Transportation Tidbits newsletter is now available online. In this issue you will find updates on graduate school news and recent/upcoming happenings in the transportation field. This issue also includes a variety of upcoming transportation conferences, workshops, and webinars.
  • Posted: Nov 25
    Monthly reports for the North Dakota Grain Industry Data (Grain Trax) page were updated on Nov. 25, 2014.
  • Posted: Nov 21
    Year-end reports for the North Dakota Grain Industry Data (Grain Trax) page have been updated for 2014.
  • Posted: Nov 21
    Thang Dao and John W. van de Lindt
    The overall project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of shear spiking (technique already developed through a previous project). Many timber railroad bridges are deficient but it is too costly to...
  • Posted: Nov 12
    Caroline M. Clevenger, Mehmet E. Ozbek, Hussam Mahmoud, and Blaine Fanning
    To date, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is not widely utilized in infrastructure asset management. Benefits achieved through implementation in vertical construction, however, suggest that BIM represents significant opportunity for gains...
  • A campus building dedicated to transportation at NDSU would symbolically show that transportation is equal in importance to other disciplines and indicate that transportation is an accepted interdisciplinary academic field. The building would house NDSU's academic programs in transportation and logistics and provide a home for the UGPTI's research and outreach programs. The building would be a critical step forward in developing the intellectual capital necessary to plan, construct and operate the transportation systems of the 21st century.
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