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  • Posted: Apr 23
    Leave your mark on the side of a bus or learn about railroading in North Dakota. From industry speakers to free ice cream, UGPTI is celebrating with a full week of events in recognition of National Transportation Week, May 11-15, 2015.
  • Posted: Apr 23
    NDSU transportation and logistics doctoral student Fesseha Gebremikael was an author of two papers recently presented at the 21st Annual International Conference of Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems (IEMS). The conference was held in Coca Beach, FL, March 22-25.
  • Posted: Apr 16
    by Bidisha Biswas, Ryan Gerdes, and Kevin Heaslip
    Automated vehicles promote road safety, fuel efficiency, and reduced travel time by decreasing traffic congestion and driver workload. In a vehicle platoon (grouping vehicles to increase road capacity by managing distance between vehicles using electrical and mechanical coupling) of such automated vehicles...
  • Posted: Apr 15
    Tam Chantem and Divya Desiraju
    In intelligent transportation systems, most of the research work has focused on lane change assistant systems. No existing work considers minimizing the disruption of traffic flow by maximizing the number of lane changes while eliminating the collisions. In this thesis, we...
  • Posted: Apr 15
    This issue of the newsletter will provide you with updates on graduate school news, important NDSU dates, and recent/upcoming happenings in the transportation field. This issue also includes a variety of upcoming transportation conferences, workshops, and webinars.
  • Posted: Apr 14
    Mijia Yang
    This report presents a research examining the feasibility of creating an integrated structural health monitoring and impact/collision detection system for bridges in remote cold regions, where in-person inspection becomes formidable. The research report includes a theoretical analysis...
  • A campus building dedicated to transportation at NDSU would symbolically show that transportation is equal in importance to other disciplines and indicate that transportation is an accepted interdisciplinary academic field. The building would house NDSU's academic programs in transportation and logistics and provide a home for the UGPTI's research and outreach programs. The building would be a critical step forward in developing the intellectual capital necessary to plan, construct and operate the transportation systems of the 21st century.
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