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Project Update: Assessment of ND County and Local Road Needs - View More Info


  • Posted: Mar 5
    Recent UW graduate Debbie Shinstine was honored 2014 MPC Outstanding Student of the Year at the 17th Annual Council of University Transportation Centers Winter Banquet. The U.S. Department of Transportation honors an outstanding student each year for achievement and the potential future contributions to the transportation field. Students are selected based on their accomplishments, academic merit, research and leadership.
  • Posted: Mar 4
    Wesley E. Marshall, Alejandro Henao, and Rachael Bronson
    While high income represents one path to resilience, our results suggest higher resilience in locations with proximity to high levels of employment, with more compact and connected street networks that facilitate walking and bicycling, and/or with better transit infrastructure. Current transit usage...
  • Posted: Mar 3
    Serious injuries can happen when a vehicle or piece of equipment moves while it is being worked on. Chocking and blocking prevent movement and prevent injuries.
  • Posted: Mar 3
    Monthly reports for the North Dakota Grain Industry Data (Grain Trax) page were updated on Mar. 3, 2015.
  • Posted: Mar 3
    Andrea Huseth
    Older drivers are overrepresented in motor vehicle crash fatalities. As the U.S. population continues to age, this problem will grow. Health care providers (HCPs) are in a position to provide their older patients with education which may prevent further motor vehicle fatalities. Rural older adults are more likely to equate driving with mobility and quality of life due to...
  • Posted: Feb 26
    The December 2014 North Dakota Dry Bean Stock Report is now online.
  • A campus building dedicated to transportation at NDSU would symbolically show that transportation is equal in importance to other disciplines and indicate that transportation is an accepted interdisciplinary academic field. The building would house NDSU's academic programs in transportation and logistics and provide a home for the UGPTI's research and outreach programs. The building would be a critical step forward in developing the intellectual capital necessary to plan, construct and operate the transportation systems of the 21st century.
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