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Assessment of ND Road Needs, 2017-2036
North Dakota Truck Harmonization Study (View More Info)
Assessment of ND County and Local Roads Needs Assessment of ND Urban Corridor Roadways and Bridges


  • Posted: Mar 22
    In this issue you can find information on graduate school news and recent/upcoming happenings in the transportation field. This issue also includes a variety of upcoming transportation conferences, workshops, and webinars you may be interested in.
  • Posted: Mar 16
    EunSu Lee
    This study will demonstrate how to integrate multiple road networks to provide comprehensive digital roads using public sources and provide guides to perform a quality control (QC) assessment before delivering data and using these data for geospatial analysis.
  • Posted: Mar 15
    Chris P. Pantelides, Dylan N. Brown, Joel E. Parks, and M.J. Ameli
    Grouted Splice Sleeve (GSS) connectors are being considered for connecting bridge columns, footings, and pier caps in Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC). A repair technique for precast reinforced concrete bridge column-to-footing and column-to-pier cap joints constructed with GSS connectors has been developed.
  • Posted: Mar 9
    The North Dakota Truck-Weight Education class promotes voluntary truck-weight compliance in an effort to reduce damage to public roads and highways from overweight vehicles. Classes will be held March 31 in Jamestown, ND and April 6 in Minot, ND.
  • Posted: Mar 8
    Jody Bohn Baldock and Makenzie Schmidt are in Atlanta, GA, for the CCME 2017 Professional Development Symposium. They are hosting an NDSU/UGPTI exhibit at the event to showcase academic opportunities at NDSU, particularly the Master of Managerial Logistics program which can be tailored to logistics professionals in the military.
  • Posted: Mar 3
    The December 2016 North Dakota Dry Bean Stock Report is now online.
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