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Assessment of ND Road Needs, 2017-2036
North Dakota Truck Harmonization Study (View More Info)
Assessment of ND County and Local Roads Needs Assessment of ND Urban Corridor Roadways and Bridges


  • Posted: Jul 12
    Whether clearing out dead trees, fallen trees and branches, or occasional operation, it is critical to use proper safety measures when operating a chainsaw. However, not everyone who is handed a saw is properly trained.
  • Posted: Jul 12
    Researchers have developed an on-line tool to allow users to compare costs associated with different road surfaces. The tool will help local road managers select the most appropriate road surfaces for given traffic and load circumstances.
  • Posted: Jul 10
    Ali Rahim Taleqani, an NDSU transportation and logistics PhD student, will present his research at the 8th International Visualization in Transportation Symposium: Visualization in Action July 27-28 in Washington, D.C. Taleqani will present a poster titled "Flight delays and cancellations: What's behind the numbers."
  • Posted: Jul 7
    Carolyn McAndrews, Evan G. Rosenlieb, Austin Troy, and Wesley E. Marshall
    Transportation systems generate certain health-promoting benefits such as access to social, economic, and cultural resources, but they also are a source of air pollution, noise, safety hazards, and barriers that diminish social cohesion in neighborhoods.
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