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Project Update: Assessment of ND County and Local Road Needs, 2015-2017 (View More Info)


  • Posted: Oct 21
    Luke Chen and Suren Chen
    To provide more insightful understanding of the seismic risks, analytical fragility studies were carried out on four typical bridge designs with different geometric configurations (i.e. straight, curved, skewed, skewed and curved) in the mountain west region of the United States.
  • Posted: Oct 18
    The Mountain-Plains Consortium has updated the “About Us” section of its website. The clickable map is your link to key information, projects, faculty, research and resources at each of our member universities.
  • Posted: Oct 17
    Andrew Kubas, Poyraz Kayabas, and Kimberly Vachal
    The 24/7 Sobriety Program is an intervention strategy mandating that impaired driving offenders remain sober as a condition of bond or pre-trial release. The goal is to monitor the most at-risk offenders in North Dakota and require that these individuals remain sober in order to keep roadways safe from hazardous drivers.
  • Posted: Oct 14
    NDSU transportation and logistics doctoral students Yuan Xu and Mingwei Guo presented papers at the 2016 Midwest Academy of Management annual meeting, Oct. 6-8 in Fargo. The professional organization is a forum for the latest management theory and research by members.
  • Posted: Oct 10
    Raj Bridgelall, James B. Rafert, and Denver D. Tolliver
    Hyperspectral remote sensing is an emerging field with many potential applications in the observation, management, and maintenance of the global transportation infrastructure. This report describes the development of an affordable framework to capture hyperspectral images and models to classify the images. The framework and models enable new approaches to plan, analyze, and assess the performance of multimodal transportation systems.
  • Posted: Oct 7
    Kimberly Vachal and Laurel Benson
    North Dakota crash reports show that nearly 82% of fatal crashes occurred on non-interstate rural roads over the past five years. A total of 5,535 driver observations were collected at 143 sites across 24 rural counties. Seat belt use was found to be significantly different on rural highways and in rural towns.
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