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Project Update: Assessment of ND County and Local Road Needs, 2015-2017 (View More Info)


  • Posted: Aug 12
    Wesley E. Marshall and Carolyn A. McAndrews
    The results of this study point to land use policies, enforcement of social norms, and the design of pedestrian and transit environments as measures to maximize the contributions of commercial arterials to neighborhood livability.
  • Posted: Aug 8
    Injuries in the workplace nationwide number approximately three million every year. This amounts to roughly 8,000 injuries per day, 350 per hour, or six injuries per minute. Workplace injuries cause pain, wage loss, inconvenience, and time off from work.
  • Posted: Jul 28
    Dylan Dunn was a 2015 recipient of one of UGPTI’s Transportation Engineering Scholarships.
  • Posted: Jul 28
    Monthly reports for the North Dakota Grain Industry Data (Grain Trax) page were updated on July 28, 2016.
  • Posted: Jul 26
    Andrew Kubas and Kimberly Vachal
    Novice drivers are a focus in traffic safety program efforts because of their relatively high crash risk. The National Safety Council Alive at 25 course has been used by several states to promote teen driver safety.
  • Posted: Jun 30
    Monthly reports for the North Dakota Grain Industry Data (Grain Trax) page were updated on June 30, 2016.
  • A campus building dedicated to transportation at NDSU would symbolically show that transportation is equal in importance to other disciplines and indicate that transportation is an accepted interdisciplinary academic field. The building would house NDSU's academic programs in transportation and logistics and provide a home for the UGPTI's research and outreach programs. The building would be a critical step forward in developing the intellectual capital necessary to plan, construct and operate the transportation systems of the 21st century.
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