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Title:Seismic Performance of Circular Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction
Authors:Catherine Tucker and Luis Ibarra
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Jul 2019
Report #:MPC-19-383
Project #:MPC-404
TRID #:01715196
Keywords:bridge construction, calibration, columns, compressive strength, concrete, earthquake resistant design, failure analysis, load tests, numerical analysis, plasticity, reinforced concrete, seismicity, steel, tubing


This study evaluates the seismic performance of circular concrete-filled tube (CCFT) columns in accelerated bridge construction (ABC) projects. CCFT components are considered of interest for bridges subjected to seismic forces due to their efficient structural behavior under combined axial and bending loads: lateral stiffness of the steel tube is increased by the concrete, and concrete confinement is provided by the steel tube. This research addresses the ability of CCFT columns to perform adequately under gravitational and seismic loading before the concrete reaches its design strength. A reduced seismic hazard that accounts for this temporal condition is also implemented. Performance evaluation is based on the probability of failure of the CCFT column.

For this research, a Caltrans bridge used in previous Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) studies is adopted. The performance of a proposed CCFT column was compared to the original circular reinforced concrete (RC) column. Numerical analyses using concentrated plasticity models in OpenSees were used for this evaluation. Experimental data was used to calibrate the deteriorating response of CCFT columns in OpenSees. The analytical model predicts the CCFT column's behavior under monotonic, static cyclic, and dynamic (seismic) loading. Then, the model was adapted to consider the effects of partial concrete compressive strength on the column behavior. The study accounts for temporary conditions, such as concrete compressive strength lower than the design value and reduced seismic loads. Results indicate that CCFT columns with partial design concrete compressive strength can be used for ABC because the relatively low decrease in strength is offset by the reduced seismic loads for this temporal condition.

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Tucker, Catherine, and Luis Ibarra. Seismic Performance of Circular Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction, MPC-19-383. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2019.

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