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Title:Reuse of Aqueous Waste Streams in Transportation Related Applications
Authors:Guanghui Hua, Gregory Hansen, Kyungnan Min, and Christopher Schmit
University:South Dakota State University
Publication Date:Sep 2018
Report #:MPC-18-363
Project #:MPC-499
TRID #:01685264
Keywords:brines, dust control, economic analysis, environmental impacts, snow and ice control, waste management, waste products, wastewater


Aqueous waste streams produced from commercial, industrial, and municipal processes may be potentially reused for transportation applications. The objectives of this project were to identify potential transportation-related applications for aqueous waste streams available in South Dakota, develop guidance for the beneficial reuse of aqueous waste streams, and evaluate the reuse of MIEX® brine generated by the Watertown Municipal Water Treatment Plant. This study identified many aqueous wastes from municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, industrial and agricultural processes in South Dakota that can be potentially used for ice and dust control. Beneficial reuse of these waste streams requires a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness, safety, economics, environmental benefits and risks, and adherence to local, state, and federal regulations. The evaluation of MIEX® brine suggests it can be used as a feed solution to produce final brine products at SDDOT facilities for winter road maintenance. Reusing the MIEX® brine in the Aberdeen region may reduce the cost of brine disposal for the City of Watertown and reduce the cost of winter road maintenance for SDDOT.

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Hua, Guanghui, Gregory Hansen, Kyungnan Min, and Christopher Schmit. Reuse of Aqueous Waste Streams in Transportation Related Applications, MPC-18-363. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2018.

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