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Title:400 South Corridor Assessment
Authors:Milan Zlatkovic, Aleksandar Stevanovic, Xuesong Zhou, Ivana Tasic, and Marija Ostojic
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Mar 2017
Report #:MPC-17-318
Project #:MPC-418
TRID #:01633355
Keywords:evaluation and assessment, intersections, light rail transit, microsimulation, traffic signal priority, traffic simulation



Local transportation agencies in the Salt Lake City (SLC) Metropolitan Area spent more than a decade working toward building a sustainable regional transportation system. Light Rail Transit (LRT) is an integral part of that system. Currently, three LRT lines operate along the Wasatch Front area. A new line between the SLC International Airport and the University of Utah area currently is under consideration. Due to implementation of an additional LRT line, it is anticipated that an expected increase in frequency of LRT trains will worsen traffic and transit performance of a large and complex multi modal network. The goal of this research is to estimate and analyze the impact of LRT Transit Signal Priority (TSP) on other modes of transportation and the performance of a transportation network using microsimulation environment. The most prominent feature of the analyzed traffic network is a diverse signal timing environment with predictive priority for LRT. Successful integration of VISSIM simulation software and Siemens NextPhase virtual controller enabled realistic representation of real-time predictive priority settings, which allowed for a comprehensive analysis of traffic and transit performance measures on different levels. Results showed the most severe impacts occurred at intersections in the downtown area where multiple LRT lines intersected. However, certain areas for improvement were identified. Proposed procedures and their effectiveness were demonstrated toward reducing adverse effects of LRT expansion, which would validate potential implementation of the proposed strategies in the field.

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Zlatkovic, Milan, Aleksandar Stevanovic, Xuesong Zhou, Ivana Tasic, and Marija Ostojic. 400 South Corridor Assessment, MPC-17-318. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2017.

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