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Title:Using Building Information Modeling to Track and Assess the Structural Condition of Bridges
Authors:Brendan Michael McGuire, Rebecca Atadero, Caroline Clevenger, and Mehmet Ozbek
University:Colorado State University
Publication Date:Aug 2016
Report #:MPC-16-310
Project #:MPC-450
TRID #:01612312
Keywords:bridge management systems, bridges, bridge superstructures, case studies, deterioration, evaluation and assessment, inspection, load factor, methodology, software, structural health monitoring



National Bridge Inspection Standards do not require documenting damage location during an inspection but bridge evaluation provisions highlight the importance of location to determining the structural impact of damage. Capturing damage location information using current inspection and documentation methods can be impractical; however, building information modeling (BIM) provides new opportunities in tracking and utilizing this information. This report presents a method and prototype implementation to apply BIM software to the operation and maintenance stages of bridges' service lives. The method uses BIM to document damage type, amount, severity, and location information during a bridge inspection. To leverage this information, inspection results are exported from the BIM model into a spreadsheet where a custom subroutine evaluates the structural performance and performs load ratings on selected bridge superstructure elements. In addition, based on the type, amount, and severity of damage, estimated repair quantities are given and maintenance recommendations are provided. The proposed method was field tested on a case study bridge. Official inspection reports and load ratings were obtained and a visual inspection of the bridge utilizing supplemental location-based measurements was performed. The method was implemented and numerical results were compared to the official load ratings.

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McGuire, Brendan Michael. Using Building Information Modeling to Track and Assess the Structural Condition of Bridges, MPC-16-310. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2016.

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