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Title:Evaluation of New Reactive FRP Reinforcement Assemblies for Reinforced Concrete Transportation Structures
Authors:Christopher Bright, Rebecca Atadero, and John van de Lindt
University:Colorado State University
Publication Date:Jan 2016
Report #:MPC-16-304
Project #:MPC-408
TRID #:01598056
Keywords:concrete, fiber reinforced polymers, reinforced concrete bridges



This report evaluates two new glass-fiber reinforced polymer concrete reinforcement systems, which have been designed to serve as a non-corrosive alternative to steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete bridge girders. Due to the nature of the reinforcement geometry, these systems react in a way to introduce compressive confinement into the concrete in the inner regions of the system units. The introduction of this compressive confinement zone will increase particle interaction effects, which results in increased shear and tensile force resistance contributed by the affected concrete. The system is also well integrated into the surrounding concrete matrix, therefore eliminating the potential for debonding failures. A proof of concept is conducted in order to evaluate a set of alternative reinforcement system prototypes. Before the reinforcement systems are evaluated, technical literature pertaining to alternative reinforcements is reviewed.

Select specimens provided evidence of mechanically constrictive behavior and enhancements in flexural capacity. Indications of good bond strength and shear strength contribution from the flexural reinforcement systems were also found. The overall finding is that these reinforcement geometries do show potential and should be the subject of further study in a more extensive project.

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Bright, Christopher, Rebecca Atadero, and John van de Lindt. Evaluation of New Reactive FRP Reinforcement Assemblies for Reinforced Concrete Transportation Structures, MPC-16-304. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2016.

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