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Title:A Two-Stage Approach for Estimating a Statewide Truck Trip Table
Authors:Sarawut Jansuwan, Seungkyu Ryu, Anthony Chen, and Kevin Heaslip
University:Utah State University
Publication Date:May 2014
Report #:MPC-14-269
Project #:MPC-363
TRID #:01529284
Keywords:case studies, commodity flow, origin and destination, traffic estimation, travel demand, trip tables, trucks


This research develops a two-stage approach for estimating a statewide truck origin-destination (O-D) trip table. The proposed approach is supported by two sequential stages: one estimates the commodity-based truck O-D trip table primarily derived from the commodity flow database, and the other refines it using the observed truck counts to reproduce the better matches. The first stage uses a national commodity flow data from the Freight Analysis Framework Version 3 (FAF3) database to develop a commodity-based truck trip table. The second stage uses the path flow estimator (PFE) concept to refine the truck trip table obtained from the first stage using the truck counts from the statewide truck count program. The model allows great flexibility of incorporating data at different spatial levels for estimating truck O-D trip tables. A case study is conducted using the Utah statewide freight transportation network to demonstrate how the proposed approach can be implemented in practice.

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Jansuwan, Sarawut, Seungkyu Ryu, Anthony Chen, and Kevin Heaslip. A Two-Stage Approach for Estimating a Statewide Truck Trip Table, MPC-14-269. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2014.

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