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Title:Traffic Incident Management State of the Art Review
Authors:Peter Martin, Piyali Chaudhuri, Ivana Tasic, Milan Zlatkovic, and Tristan Pedersen
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Sep 2011
Report #:MPC-10-229B
Project #:MPC-288
TRID #:01364048
Keywords:highway advisory radio, incident management, ramp metering, traffic incidents, variable message signs



For the purpose of this paper, the definition of traffic incident is "any non-recurring event that causes a reduction of roadway capacity or an abnormal increase in demand." This definition will provide the necessary broadness for types of traffic incidents that are going to be addressed here and for the adjustment to new ways of defining traffic incidents.

Activities related to incident management are one of the major responsibilities of traffic and transportation engineers. This report is focused on tools and strategies implemented in the area of Traffic Incident Management (TIM). Definitions and classifications of traffic incidents are presented at the beginning of the report. Stages in TIM are presented based on the most detailed approach in the available literature. Finally, this report explains the application of Variable Message Signs (VMSs), 511 Service, Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), and ramp metering in TIM process.

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Martin, Peter, Piyali Chaudhuri, Ivana Tasic, Milan Zlatkovic, and Tristan Pedersen. Traffic Incident Management State of the Art Review, MPC-10-229B. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2011.

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