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Title:Rural Road Management Guide
Authors:Margaret R. Broten and Curt A. Beckemeyer
University:South Dakota State University
Publication Date:Sep 1995
Report #:MPC-SD95-16-G3
TRID #:00725647
Keywords:decision making, driver rehabilitation, gravel roads, guides to information, pavement management systems, rural highways


This Guide contains information about the management of paved and gravel roads. The approaches to managing paved versus gravel roads differ in some respects. Both include an inventory of the physical characteristics of the road network and an assessment of the road condition; however, the analysis of the collected information is different for the two road types. Gravel road management typically consists of the identification of standard routine maintenance policies (e.g., blade every 3 weeks, regravel every 5 years) that should be periodically conducted to maintain a gravel road at an acceptable condition level. Paved road management incorporates performance models and life cycle cost analysis to determine the timing of repair and to recommend a specific repair alternative. Because of these differences in management approach, the final section in this Guide is dedicated solely to the management of gravel roads.

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