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Title:Structural Performance of Prestressed SCC Bridge Girders Made with Limestone Aggregates
Authors:Nadim Wehbe, Arden Sigl, Zachary Gutzmer, and Chad Stripling
University:South Dakota State University
Publication Date:Oct 2009
Report #:MPC-08-196
Project #:MPC-285
TRID #:01146349
Keywords:admixtures, bridges, feasibility analysis, girders, limestone aggregates, performance, self compacting concrete, structural analysis



Recent studies have shown that the use of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) results in improved finished quality, increased production efficiency, and reduced labor cost. Because of the favorable properties that SCC exhibits, the Federal Highway Administration and the precast concrete industry have been promoting the research and development of SCC for structural applications in bridges.

In 2007, researchers at South Dakota State University (SDSU) concluded an experimental study on three full-scale prestressed bridge girders. One of the three girders was cast using conventional concrete and served as a control specimen, while the other two girders were cast using SCC. The SCC mix was made with quartzite coarse aggregate that is commonly used in eastern South Dakota. The results of the study show that the structural performance of the prestressed SCC girders is similar to that of the control prestressed girder. It was also observed that the SCC girders have a better finished surface than the conventional concrete girder.

The study in this report involves material testing of SCC mixtures and structural testing of full-scale prestressed bridge girders.

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