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MPC Research Reports
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Title:Integrating Planning and Operations Models to Predict Work Zone Traffic
Authors:Ayman Smadi and Jason Baker
University:North Dakota State University
Publication Date:Dec 2008
Report #:MPC-08-205
Project #:MPC-299
TRID #:01123428
Keywords:highway operations, interstate highways, macroscopic traffic flow, microscopic traffic flow, traffic forecasting, traffic models, traffic simulation, urban highways, work zone traffic control



The impetus of this research is to meet the growing need for accurate and practical methods to support traffic analysis in work zones. This research examines the application of two classes of traffic analysis models, macroscopic sketch analysis and microscopic traffic simulation, to work zones. The research will evaluate the application of these tools to an urban interstate work zone. Specifically, this research will examine the following: 1) how the use of traffic analysis models relates to federal requirements about considering traffic impacts of major construction projects, 2) the accuracy of model results in comparison to real-world conditions, and 3) modeling effort and data requirements of these models. The primary objectives of this research are as follows: 1) determining the feasibility of applying a traffic analysis model to a work zone environment, 2) calibrating and validating the simulation models based on data collected in the work zone, 3) using the calibrated model to apply various work zone management strategies, and 4) documenting the research findings and lessons learned from the model applications.

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