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MPC Research Reports
Report Details

Title:Legal Establishment of County Roads in Wyoming
Authors:Stacey L. Obrecht, Alan Romero, and Khaled Ksaibati
University:University of Wyoming
Publication Date:Dec 2007
Report #:MPC-07-191
Project #:MPC-257, MPC-256
TRID #:01090251
Keywords:case studies, handbooks, highways, legal factors, legislation and regulation, low volume roads, policy, principal types of roads, rural areas, rural highways


This report details the results of a project aimed at determining how to legally establish a county road in Wyoming. This report covers the laws on this issue from territory days until the present. It consists of a survey, case law, statutory law, federal law, direction and a final desk reference. The survey was conducted in Wyoming and given to county road officials, county commissioners, county attorneys and other entities. The survey showed that there is an issue of roads in Wyoming not being legally established and that not all counties have been establishing roads correctly. The survey also showed that this issue is complex and different issues face each county.

Based on the survey results, the case law and statutes in Wyoming were analyzed and compiled into a desk reference to simplify access to this information. This desk reference covers the laws from territory days until the present. This report and desk reference address how to currently legally establish a road; how to determine if an old road was legally established; and how to "fix" a road that was not legally established.

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