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Title:Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hot-Poured Crack Surfacing Material
Authors:Khaled Ksaibati and Steven D. Carter
University:University of Wyoming
Publication Date:Mar 2006
Report #:MPC-06-180
Project #:MPC-241
TRID #:01030694
Keywords:asphalt pavements, field tests, laboratory tests, load tests, rutting, stiffness, test sections, thermal stresses



This research evaluates the effectiveness of hot-poured crack surfacing material and its ability to seal asphaltic cracks. The term "crack surfacing" is used to describe the rigidity of the material and to distinguish it from crack sealants. The University of Wyoming, in cooperation with the Wyoming DOT, conducted field and laboratory evaluations to determine the in-situ performance, temperature and load characteristics, and rutting susceptibility of three selected manufacturer's products: Deery American Corporation's Level & Go and Recessed Repair Mastic, and Crafco Incorporated s PolyPatch. The field evaluation was accomplished at selected test sections of Wyoming Route 93, US Route 26, and Interstate 25. These evaluations identified the modes of failure, superficial distresses, and percent effectiveness. The laboratory evaluation included performance of the Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test (TSRST) and the Georgia Loaded Wheel Tester (GLWT). The TSRST was used to evaluate the cold temperature bonding characteristics, in particular the fracture temperature, and the load capacity of the crack surfacing materials. To represent field conditions, the materials were configured as flush, uniform overband, tapered overband, and mill & fill. The GLWT was utilized to evaluate the rutting susceptibility of the materials in use. The findings indicate the Crafco PolyPatch and the tapered overband configuration were the best performers. Based on the results, it is recommended that the PolyPatch material be used with the tapered overband configuration for cold climate applications.

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