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MPC Research Reports
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Title:Wyoming Freight Movement and Wind Vulnerability
Authors:Rhonda Young, Joel Liesman, David Lucke, and Shane Schieck
University:University of Wyoming
Publication Date:Jun 2005
Report #:MPC-05-170
Project #:MPC-242
TRID #:01001560
Keywords:commodities, freight transportation, pipelines, railroads, rollover crashes, safety, trucking, wind



The movement of freight within the state of Wyoming is very critical to Wyoming's economy as well as the national economy. Wyoming's transportation system provides a vital link for the movement of commodities across the United States, in addition to providing access to the mineral, industrial, and agricultural resources of Wyoming. Concerns with freight transportation is often focused on several broad areas including economics, safety, affects of freight vehicles on transportation infrastructure, and in the forefront today, transportation security and homeland defense.

The intent of the research was two-fold. First, to get an overall understanding of freight movement within the state including freight vehicle counts, commodity volumes, and freight vehicle accidents. The research focused on truck and rail freight movement since air and water freight movement represents a very small proportion of goods moved within and through the state.

The second was to focus on freight vehicle safety in strong wind conditions. High wind conditions are frequently causing freight vehicles to be blown over, forcing the shut down of interstate roadways and halting the movement of freight through these heavily used corridors.

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