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Title:Small Urban University Transit: A Tri-Campus Case Study
Authors:Del Peterson, Jill Hough, Gary Hegland, James Miller, and Dustin Ulmer
University:North Dakota State University
Publication Date:May 2005
Report #:MPC-05-169
Project #:MPC-227
TRID #:01000542
Keywords:campus transportation, medium sized cities, mobility, needs assessment, public transit, small cities, surveys, universities and colleges, urban areas



University campuses have unique transportation requirements that may be characterized with a high concentration of trips during multiple peak periods (i.e., morning, lunch, and afternoon). They are often the largest employers in small-to-medium size cities and it is critical to coordinate campus mobility needs with the overall transportation system. Many colleges and universities recognize transit as an effective mode for meeting campus mobility and have developed transit systems to serve those needs. Successful campus transit systems include factors such as careful planning, understanding user preferences, efficient design of system services, and coordination with existing city transit service. Universities are not homogenous (i.e., enrollment levels, campus location, size of community), so they will have different needs. This paper focuses on mobility needs of Fargo-Moorhead's universities, students, faculty & staff. It is part of a larger study that examines student mobility needs. Tthe results of an on-line survey administered during the 2002-03 academic year are presented here. The results of the study are based on the responses of students, faculty and staff.

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