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Title:Evaluation of UDOT's Video Detection Systems: System's Performance in Various Test Conditions
Authors:Peter T. Martin, Gayathri Dharmavaram, and Aleksandar Stevanovic
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Dec 2004
Report #:MPC-04-166
Project #:MPC-245
TRID #:01683784
Keywords:data collection, data quality, evaluation and assessment, traffic surveillance, video imaging detectors



Video detection systems have replaced the industry's standard inductive loops because they are easy to install, have flexible applications and their maintenance is cost-effective. These systems involve positioning cameras above traffic to capture images of passing vehicle. These images are analyzed by vision processor using application specific algorithms. Virtual loops/detection zones are superimposed on these images. The activation of these virtual loops signifies detection. The performance of this system under different environmental and light conditions, however, is still unknown. The generation of false and missed calls has reduced the accuracy of video detection systems. This study evaluates the performance of video detection systems in Utah.

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