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MPC Research Reports
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Title:Investment in Rural Roads: Willingness-to-Pay for Improved Gravel Road Service in Freight Transportation
Authors:Tamara VanWechel and Kimberly Vachal
University:North Dakota State University
Publication Date:Dec 2004
Report #:MPC-04-168
Project #:MPC-239
TRID #:00988082
Keywords:attitudes, distance, freight transportation, gravel roads, highway maintenance, highway safety, improvements, investments, paving, rural highways, signs, size and weight regulations, smoothness, surface course (pavements), surveys, vehicle weight


The study focuses on ascertaining information on user willingness-to-pay and their perceptions of funding for improving gravel roads which support freight transportation service in rural areas. The research considers safety, road type, and maintenance valuation for both gravel and paved road surfaces. The results are beneficial to rural states that are agriculture-based. It includes an assessment of the monetary amount the public is willing to pay for gravel roads and the amount they are willing to pay for paved roads. Determining the relative value of gravel roads and paved roads are included.

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