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MPC Research Reports
Report Details

Title:Asset Management of Roadway Signs through Advanced Technology
Authors:Kellee Boulais Kruse and Tom Simmer
University:North Dakota State University
Publication Date:Jun 2003
Report #:MPC-03-149
Project #:MPC-229
TRID #:00961897
Keywords:asset management, computers, forms of business or industry, geographic information systems, global positioning system, installation, inventory control, maintenance, software, technology, traffic signs



Working together with the North Dakota Department of Transportation, the objective of this project was to develop an application to perform the following: track highway signs with GPS, keep track of the last date a sign was modified, manage sign inventory and display this information in a geographical information system.

The type of forms automated was chosen based on input from NDDOT. These forms include sign maintenance and installation record, state inventory form, and district inventory form.

The software will run on a handheld computer and a desktop computer. The hardware will include the handheld computer and a portable GPS receiver. The software written for the program will run alongside ESRI ArcGIS™ geographical information system software.

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