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MPC Research Reports
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Title:An Assessment of Road User Needs in a Rural Environment
Authors:Jill Hough, Ayman Smadi, and Gene Griffin
University:North Dakota State University
Publication Date:Mar 1996
Report #:MPC-96-58
Project #:MPC-069
TRID #:00723598
Keywords:attitudes, carriers, commuters, farming, finance, management, needs assessment, perception, postal service, rural areas, rural highways, school bus drivers, surveys, travelers



This paper summarizes the results of a study on direct assessment of rural user needs. The objective of the study was to assess rural road users and providers perception of rural road needs. Different rural road user groups were identified to obtain a representative sample of perceptions. Users groups targeted in the study included commuters, mail carriers, school bus drivers, and farmers. An attitudinal survey was developed and administered to these groups. The survey yielded a good return rate, suggesting that more road users are becoming aware of road management and finance issues.

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