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MPC Research Reports
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Title:Determining Surface Street LOS Using Existing Detector Infrastructure: Monitoring Commuter Congestion on Surface Streets in the Salt Lake Valley
Authors:Peter T. Martin, Joseph Perrin, and Brad Coleman
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Aug 2002
Report #:MPC-02-133
Project #:MPC-208
TRID #:00930888
Keywords:algorithms, arterial highways, highway engineering, highway operations, highway traffic control, highway transportation, traffic characteristics, traffic congestion, traffic data, traffic engineering, traffic models, traffic surveillance



This research focuses on real-time congestion monitoring, a unique direction, as most other cities focus solely on freeway operations as they are easier to monitor. Once surface street congestion is monitored successfully, recurring problematic locations can be identified, and solutions can be developed, tested, then tracked. The results of this research have the potential to substantially reduce delays.

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