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Title:North Dakota Strategic Freight Analysis: Logistical Factors Influencing the Success of Value Added Processing Facilities
Authors:Brenda Lantz
University:North Dakota State University
Publication Date:Oct 2001
Report #:MPC-01-127.2
Project #:MPC-192
TRID #:00823236
Keywords:businesses, climate, costs, customers, demand, freight transportation, land, linear programming, location, logistics, markets, quality of life, sales, spreadsheets, suppliers, taxes


One significant consideration when examining a business venture is to define the network for the product. The network design should take into account the number, size, and location of suppliers, producers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.The spreadsheet model allows consideration of a number of important factors and the inputs to the model can be changed easily to allow for examining many different scenarios. For example, the model can demonstrate the benefits of a certain location over another based on such things as available freight rates and land or labor costs. However, when making a final decision, other important factors such as labor climate and quality of life, etc., should also be taken into consideration.

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