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MPC Research Reports
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Title:Inclement Weather Signal Timings
Authors:Peter Martin, Joseph Perrin, Blake Hansen, and Isaac Quintana
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Jul 2000
Report #:MPC-01-120
Project #:MPC-149
TRID #:00811887
Keywords:advanced traffic management systems, detectors, fiber optics, signalized intersections, slush, time duration, traffic data, traffic flow, traffic signal control systems, traffic signal timing, traffic speed, traffic volume, weather conditions


This study examines signal timing in inclement weather conditions. With the completion of the Utah DOT's Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), UDOT will have the capability to change signal timing plans from a central location by communicating with each controller through fiber optic technology. With this ability, it has become feasible to have a library of special signal timing plans. One of these plans could be for inclement weather conditions. This research reviews relevant literature for similar studies, interviewing other state departments of transportation, and collecting local traffic flow data to determine.

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