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MPC Research Reports
Report Details

Title:Accident Data Availability
Authors:Peter Martin, Joseph Perrin, Blake Hansen, and Alejandro Barrios
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Jun 2000
Report #:MPC-01-118
Project #:MPC-184
TRID #:00811885
Keywords:automobiles, cost effectiveness, costs, crash characteristics, crash data, databases, geographic information systems, graphical user interfaces, information dissemination, software, traffic crashes


This project investigates alternate forms of dissemination for the accident information. Costs, capabilities, and compatibility are reviewed for integration of the accident database with a GIS format to allow a graphical and spatial interface. The issues being addressed by this research focus on information circulation. Two key elements identified in the research are making accident information more readily available and incorporating a GIS graphic interface with the accident information to allow for query searches on various accident attributes.

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