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MPC Research Reports
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Title:Standard Modular Data Storage System for Maintenance Management
Authors:William Grenney, Chandrasekhar Swaminathan, and Newell Crookston
University:Utah State University
Publication Date:Oct 1998
Report #:MPC-98-97
Project #:MPC-147
TRID #:00757908
Keywords:computer programming, computers, databases, data storage, formatting, geographic information systems, information storage and retrieval systems, inventory, maintenance management, modules (electricity), pavement management systems



This report describes the development of a Standard Modular Data Storage System. Features such as inventory data, pavement management data, and other maintenance data can be organized as modules in a common data repository. This repository can be imported into an enterprise database such as Informix. The use of several GIS and custom applications are described to demonstrate the accessibility of the data in this new format to a variety of standard management tools.

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