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Title:Tourism in Wyoming: A Study of Information Sources and Traveler Satisfaction
Authors:Paul J. Mannix, Khaled Ksaibati, Donald D. Warder, and Eugene M. Wilson
University:University of Wyoming
Publication Date:Mar 1995
Report #:MPC-95-46
Project #:MPC-051
TRID #:00715419
Keywords:condition surveys, highways, passenger information systems, tourism, traveler information and communication systems


Tourism is a very important industry to Wyoming. Understanding the trends of this industry helps the state provide tourists with an enjoyable, informative, and memorable experience. This study was designed to obtain information from Wyoming tourists to determine the main reasons for visiting, tourist information sources used, Wyoming attractions perceived as most desirable to visit, and information about the condition of the Wyoming highway system and its relation to traveler satisfaction.

The primary reasons for traveling to Wyoming indicated by respondents were to visit "the national parks, monuments, and forests" and "family and friends." Information about the state was obtained mostly from "family and friends" or "Wyoming information and visitor centers." The most popular Wyoming attraction indicated was "Yellowstone National Park." Respondents felt that, in general, the Wyoming highway system was in adequate condition and only a few people were negatively influenced by their driving experience.

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