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Title:Summer Experiential Learning Program for Diverse Student Populations, Year 2
Authors:Darrell G. Fontane
University:Colorado State University
Publication Date:Dec 1994
Report #:MPC-95-40
Project #:MPC-044
TRID #:00715411
Keywords:education, mathematics, minorities, science, students, technological innovations, transportation careers


This report describes the transportation workshops conducted in June 1994 under the Summer Experiential Learning Program for Diverse Student Populations. The goal of the program was to provide an opportunity to interest minority students in the region in pursuing a college education in the field of transportation. Workshops were designed to demonstrate the diverse and challenging nature of transportation and value of transportation to diverse populations. Also, workshops were designed to provide a positive learning experience and to increase the confidence of students so that they could successfully pursue a career in the transportation field. Typical workshop sessions involved discussions on the use of science and math in the design and operation of transportation systems, bridge building contests, computer-based technology, field trips to transportation agencies, and lectures by local transportation consultants.

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