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MPC Research Reports
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Title:Tests and Analysis of Mixed Wood-Concrete Beams (Preliminary Report)
Authors:Tser-Ming Chen and Richard Gutkowski
University:Colorado State University
Publication Date:Mar 1993
Report #:MPC-93-18A
Project #:MPC-008
TRID #:00633264
Keywords:alternatives analysis, beams, bend tests, breaking loads, composite materials, computer programs, deflection, guides to the literature, laboratory tests, literature reviews, mathematical models, slip (fluid mechanics), t beams, testing equipment, test procedures, tests



This project included two laboratory studies and analytical work dealing with T-beams comprised of a concrete flange connected to a wood beam plus plywood sheathing. Based on the experimental results of tests of 72 slip specimens and 4 full-scale layered T-beams, the mechanical behavior of different materials in the layered structure was studied. In the slip tests, concrete-wood members were tested for two different ages of concrete, four types of nails and two different embedment lengths. The slip modulus and ultimate load of each specimen was determined after testing. In the T-beam bending tests, the deflection and the interlayer slip were measured at varying load level. The experimental results of the T-beam tests compared favorably to theoretical values that were obtained by use of an existing computer program, FEABEA.

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