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Title:Expansive Soil Mitigation for Transportation Earthworks by Polymer Amendment
Authors:Zana Taher, Joseph Scalia IV, and Christopher A. Bareither
University:Colorado State University
Publication Date:Jun 2022
Report #:MPC-22-462
Project #:MPC-509
TRID #:01852750
Keywords:alternatives analysis, fly ash, polymers, soil lime mixtures, soil stabilization, swelling soils


The objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of commercially available polymer soil stabilizers in expansive soil swell reduction relative to quicklime and Class C fly ash. A survey of state departments of transportation within the Mountain-Plains region of the United States (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming) was conducted to define the state-of-practice in expansive soil mitigation, from which lime and fly ash were identified as the most used soil stabilizers. Four commercially available polymers were tested for comparison with lime and fly ash. Untreated and treated soils were classified, and tested for swelling pressure, swelling potential, unconfined compressive strength, and hydraulic conductivity. The results of this study illustrate that commercially available polymers reduce swell in expansive soils by mechanisms that are different than lime and fly ash.

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Taher, Zana, Joseph Scalia IV, and Christopher A. Bareither. Expansive Soil Mitigation for Transportation Earthworks by Polymer Amendment, MPC-22-462. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2022.

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