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ATAC Research Reports
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Title:Core Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) Program Plan and Top-Level Design (PP/TLD)
Authors:Brenda Lantz, Kimberly Vachal, Seguy Tchakounte-Wakem, and Sharijad Hasan
Publication Date:Apr 2022
TRID #:01848899
Keywords:data sharing, system design, technological innovations, trucking safety
Type:Research Report


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides grant funding to states wishing to deploy projects which fit within the scope of the Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) program. FMCSA recognizes two levels of ITD deployment. Core ITD requires states to implement a basic set of capabilities that align each state to national ITD requirements. Once the Core ITD certification is obtained, FMCSA provides the opportunity for the second level of ITD deployment: the Expanded ITD, which enables the states to apply for an additional grant. To date, North Dakota is compliant with most elements of the Core ITD capabilities.

To date, North Dakota is compliant with most elements of the Core ITD capabilities. This document provides a high-level roadmap to guide North Dakota in completing the Safety Information Exchange capability area deployment. This document is built according to the FMCSA template guidelines, which govern the form and format. The project identified in this program plan is defined at a high level, with schedule and budget placeholders representing rough order of magnitude estimates. The project definition in this document is intended to provide the basis for more detailed project planning activities as the project moves into its project planning horizon.

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