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Title:Screening of South Dakota Asphalt Mixes for Moisture Damage Using Conventional and Innovative Approaches
Authors:Rouzbeh Ghabchi and Rajan Acharya
University:South Dakota State University
Publication Date:Oct 2020
Report #:MPC-20-421
Project #:MPC-530
TRID #:01759925
Keywords:antistrip additives, asphalt mixtures, bituminous binders, bond strength (materials), calcium hydroxide, freeze thaw durability, moisture damage, reclaimed asphalt pavements, stripping (pavements), warm mix paving mixtures



Moisture-induced damage (stripping) is a major distress in asphalt pavements. This study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of chemical Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) additives, Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), Anti-Stripping Agent (ASA), and hydrated lime on moisture-induced damage potential of asphalt mixes. For this purpose, plant-produced asphalt mixes containing foregoing additives and asphalt binder-aggregate systems consisting of different combinations of different binder grades, aggregates, and additives were tested. Effects of moisture and freeze-thaw cycles on resistance of mixes to stripping were evaluated by determining different fracture energy parameters obtained from Indirect Tension (IDT) and Semicircular Bend (SCB) tests. Also, the effect of moisture and freeze-thaw on adhesion of different combinations of four binder blends of various grades, additives, and aggregates were investigated by conducting Binder Bond Strength (BBS) tests. Fracture-energy-based parameters determined based on IDT and SCB tests showed potential for being applied for screening of mixes with respect to their propensity to moisture-induced damage. Also, the BBS test, as a quick, direct, inexpensive, and effective method, indicated the combinations of the aggregates, additives, and binders, which produce mixes with the maximum resistance to moisture-induced damage and successfully singled out binder-aggregate combinations with a high stripping potential.

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Ghabchi, Rouzbeh, and Rajan Acharya. Screening of South Dakota Asphalt Mixes for Moisture Damage Using Conventional and Innovative Approaches, MPC-20-421. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2020.

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