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Project Details

Title:Development of Activity Based Model: Draft Document
End Date:December 2014


This document discusses the development of an Activity Based Model ABM for the Fargo Moorhead Travel Demand Model. The activity-based approach to travel demand analysis views travel as a derived demand; derived from the need to pursue activities distributed in space, i.e. transportation is consumed due to the need of meeting demand for another activity. It recognizes the complex interaction involved in activity travel behavior. ABM focus on activity participation through sequence of activities through a whole day, as the unit of analysis, the approach can address operational type changes to the transportation system. ABMs are very resource intensive typically requiring a lot more data in comparison to the traditional four step model and significant technical knowledge. The model is still in development with several processes concluded including the development of a synthetic network. The next steps include developing choice model components and their parameters specific to the Fargo Moorhead area using results the Fargo Moorhead Council of Governments OD survey.

Keywords: activity based model, activity generation, derived demand, choice models

Final Report

Download Report (PDF, 1038K)

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