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  • Transit, Technology, & Public Participation (Oct 15, 2012)
    Del Peterson and Jeremy Mattson
    This presentation by SURTC researchers Del Peterson and Jeremy Mattson described the results of a study that evaluated the use of different technologies for improving public participation in transportation planning. The project, conducted in Fargo-Moorhead, consisted of four major activities: onboard...
  • This presentation discussed the first stage of findings from the Effortless Passenger Identification System project. It highlights field tests using RFID technology in both Los Angeles, CA and Fargo, ND. Controlled testing was also conducted in Fargo using a Paratransit vehicle. Consumer acceptance techniques...
  • In this study, intercity market segments based on traveler attitudes were identified using structural equation modeling. The study focused on rural and small urban areas, using survey data for residents of North Dakota and western Minnesota. Attitudes toward travel time, flexibility, and privacy were...
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