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The current committee membership list can be found on the MyTRB site at: https://www.mytrb.org/OnlineDirectory/Committee/Details/5150

MyTRB is TRB's portal to manage the participation of committee members and friends in support of committee operations. MyTRB will be used for calls for papers, paper reviews, session planning, and other TRB activities.

It is necessary that both committee members and friends have an active MyTRB account.

If you are interested in becoming a friend of the committee, you can do so through the MyTRB site.

  1. Go to MyTRB (at https://www.mytrb.org/).
  2. Sign In with your email and password, or select one of the following.
    • FORGOT PASSWORD: If you are already affiliated with a committee or activity, but this is either your first time logging into MyTRB or you don't remember your login.
    • NEW USER SIGNUP: If you are new to TRB and are not yet affiliated with any TRB committees or activities.
  3. Go to "Committees" on the menu bar, then select "Become a Friend of a Committee".
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