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The Committee on Truck and Bus Safety (ACS60) of the National Academies Transportation Research Board (TRB) was founded in 2003. Organizations that were precursors to the committee included a Truck and Bus Safety Subcommittee of the Committee on Transportation Safety Management and a Task Force on Truck and Bus Safety (A3B57) that championed the transition from subcommittee to full committee status. Within the TRB committee structure, ACS60 is part of the Safety Section of the System User Group.

Truck & Bus Safety Research Needs

Like other TRB committees, the Truck & Bus Safety Committee (ACS60) seeks to identify and articulate research needs in its discipline and to encourage research organizations to perform needed research. To this end, the committee has identified research needs relating to its major topic areas. For many, the committee has written more detailed Research Needs Statements (RNSs) on the TRB RNS website (rns.trb.org). ACS60 asks both research-funding and research-performing organizations to consider these research needs in their strategic planning and allocation of resources.

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