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2008 Meeting Agenda

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2008
Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Marriott, Maryland C


Introductions — Members & Friends
Meeting Overview
Highlights of Mid-Year Meeting
2007 Paper Submissions
Staff Report — Rick Pain
Truck and Bus Safety Circular
Committee Web Site — Brenda Lantz
Subcommiittee/Activity Reports
  • Driver Training Joint Subcommittee — John Brock
  • Motorcoach Safety Organizational Working Group — Gerald Donaldson
  • Driver Health and Wellness Subcommittee — Gerald Krueger
  • Industry Self-Evaluation
  • Data and Data Access
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Other
Commercial Truck & Bus Safety Synthesis Program (CTBSSP) Update — Donna Vlasak and Committee Members
FMCSA Reports
  • Safety Research Initiatives — Michael Griffith
  • Policy and Rulemaking Initiatives — Deborah Freund
Research Needs Statements Database
Triennial Committee Evaluation
Other Business
  • Falls From Equipment — A Synthesis Opportunity, David Melton, Liberty Mutual
  • Buses Involved in Fatal Accidents (BIFA) Dataset, Oliver Page, UMTRI
Mid-Year Meeting
  • Book-in-Progress: Large Truck Crash Risk, Causation, and Prevention, Ron Knipling
  • Other Announcements
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Committee on Truck and Bus Safety (ANB70)

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