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Staff Bio

Joy Annette
Tribal Outreach Coordinator
Cell: (701)367-0100
Email: joy.annette@ndsu.edu
ORCID: 0000-0002-5084-3036

Joy Annette is NDLTAP's Tribal Outreach Coordinator. Joy's tribal experience and understanding allow her to work with tribal nations in our region in a trusted, cooperative and energetic way. Her background in various tribal programs affords her the opportunity to see the big picture and to build the linkage between tribal nations and other jurisdictions. For nearly three years, Joy served as the UGPTI Tribal Liaison. In that capacity, she expanded her outreach interests in partnership with the NDLTAP team. She is an exceptional teacher, listener, healer and guide. Her formal education, personal experiences and career paths combine into a rare skill set. That skill set is a perfect complement to our NDLTAP team and will help her assist our Tribal Transportation Program Manager in meeting the needs of our region's transportation leaders.

Joy Annette has a lifetime of tribal involvement that started in her youth as her dad led the American Indian Center in Chicago and grew into a focused career over the past 23 years, with experience ranging from tribal outreach and assistance as teacher, social worker, healer, consultant, and now transportation outreach and liaison.

608 E Boulevard AveBismarck, ND 58505