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Motor Grader Operator Training

Posted: Nov 9, 2020

While motor-grader operator training for 2020 ended for the season in September, planning for the 2021 season is already underway. Reach out to Denise at denise.brown.1@ndsu.edu to get on the list for this exceptional training.

We can provide options to best meet your needs. Classroom-only training takes about four hours. Classroom and field training includes about three hours in the classroom and about four hours out on the road with the instructor where the operator will receive one-on-one training. We can also provide just the field training with one-on-one interaction with the instructor for the entire time.

Our instructors have more than 70 years of combined experience. They will help your operators learn to work more efficiently, effectively and safely. Instructors are:

Gary Steiner – Burleigh County Operator. He has 25 year's experience as a motor-grader operator with Burleigh County. Gary was also a heavy equipment operator for 10 years with the North Dakota National Guard.

Russell Klimpel – Mountrail County Operator. He has nine years of experience as a motor-grader operator with Mountrail County. Russ has seven years of experience rebuilding roads in North Dakota. He also has ten years of experience building forest service roads in Montana. Russ will be a part-time instructor for NDLTAP Motor-Grader Operator Training.

Randy Watson – Mountrail County Operator. Randy has been an operator at Mountrail since 2018 and has nearly 25 years of equipment operating experience. Starting as an operator in 1996, Randy offers a broad range of equipment experience gained through work with construction companies and the U.S. Army, Roads & Ground Division. He is well versed in construction and maintenance of roads.

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