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Biggest Load Ever!

Posted: Nov 10, 2020

In March, the Stark County Highway Department authorized LoadPass Permits to issue permits to Mammoet USA South Inc. for two loads, each weighing nearly 1.5 million pounds.

The approved routes authorized travel for three miles on county and township roads. The loads were reactors being hauled to the Marathon refinery west of Dickinson. Two self-propelled modular trailers with 56 axles and 224 tires were used to haul each reactor from the railhead to the refinery. Remote controls were used to steer the trailers. Not only were these loads excessively overweight, they were also very over dimensional. Permits were issued for up to 26' 3" in width, 24' in height and 210' 4" in length.

NDLTAP's truck weight expert Leanna Emmer provided an article on the big move and the permitting process for the Western Dakota Energy Association's July 24 newsletter. The WDEA also provided access to a PDF of the article with additional photos.

The newsletter also highlighted UGPTI's presentation of initial results of its Road Needs Study.

NDLTAP staff, along with UGPTI graphic designer Bev Trittin, prepared a poster on the effort. The poster was entered in a contest held in conjunction with the National LTAP Association's National (virtual) Conference in July.

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