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Sign Warriors Continue the Battle

Posted: Jun 25, 2020

Roger Parrow, Cass County Sign Foreman, thought that he had seen it all, but found a new low in sign vandalism. Crazy as it sounds, vandals actually placed shooting targets on a county bridge end marker. Not only are the vandals destroying public property, running the risk of stray bullet impacts, they are also eliminating a critical driver visual cue. Without that key sign, a vehicle could plunge off of the bridge end and drop into the channel. At that point, vehicle damage would be the least issue to worry about.

As sign lead, Roger recently shared a tip. When signing a detour, it is a good idea to look at the full network. Watch where the locals are going to avoid the construction and detour and then consider additional temporary signage on those routes. Always improving and always sharing lessons from the road - thanks Roger!

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