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Researchers Develop Method for Assessing Financial Benefits of ´╗┐Access Management Treatments

Posted: Feb 23, 2023

Researchers at South Dakota State University developed a simple, straightforward benefits estimation methodology for evaluating the financial benefits of proposed access management treatments, including the design, spacing, operation, and locations of street connections, interchanges, driveways, and median openings. The methodology focused on benefits related to traffic operations, traffic safety, environmental impacts, and project costs. The methodology allows transportation agencies to communicate more effectively with the public and concerned citizens regarding potential access management projects. The methodology uses software applications, allowing a consistent analytical procedure with related calculations and results generated by the software rather than manually. The results will be consistent from project to project, supporting design and access management decisions.

Michael D. Pawlovich, Ph.D.
South Dakota State University

Financial Benefits of Proposed Access Management Treatments

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